It is strongly recommended that you book as soon as possible to secure your wedding date. My
brides typically book their wedding date 6-9 months in advance.

Yes, I strongly recommend that you book a preview appointment for your
hair and/or makeup. The preview will ensure that the wedding day
runs smoothly and that you will be completely satisfied with your look.
I recommend that you come in for a preview appointment
approximately 4-8 weeks before your wedding date.

The 4-8 weeks is what I have found works best. A few of the reasons that I like to do the
preview closer to the wedding day is that your hair length and skin color will be the same, and
also, I do need to finalize all of the details including timing and number of services, so you do
need to be prepared to give me all of that information.

If circumstances do no allow for you to have a preview, I will do the wedding without one, but a
preview is stongly recommended. I will require a non-refundable deposit to secure the wedding
date. This deposit is applied towards your wedding day total.

One of the most important parts of the preview is honest communication. I am capable of doing
any style of hair and makeup. I truly want you to be happy and will encourage you to be honest
with me. In the rare case that you are completely unhappy and you feel as though you can not
come to a decision, you are not obligated to use me on your wedding day.

Part of my job is to help you pull your whole look together if needed. There are so many factors
that go into determining your hair and makeup such as, your personal style, the style of your
wedding, what you are wearing in your hair, what your dress looks like, what is going to look
best on you, etc. I am going to give you options, help you to take different things into
consideration so that you can feel at ease in your final decision.

I use MAC makeup. I have found through years of trial and error with different makeup lines,
that MAC's makeup goes on very light and natural looking (when the right products and
techniques are used), the colors are beautiful and foundations match skin tones perfectly, it has
incredible staying power and is water proof.

I am capable for doing very light natural makeup. I want to find that perfect
happy medium between looking good for your pictures and looking and feeling
beautiful for your family and friends. I have worked with a variety of
different styles, ages, skin types, etc. That is going to mean
something different for everyone.
My job is to find that perfect look for you.

Yes, if you are doing studio photos under bright studio lighting, then that is the case. But, for
natural lighting (which most wedding photography is) and/or flash photography, a lot of
makeup is not needed.

It is typically a three to four hour time frame maximum for the entire wedding party. I have the
timing down to a science. The bride generally takes 45 minutes per service and the girls
approximately 30 minutes per service.

I am going to consult with you to determine which style is going to be the best based on all of
the factors. I really do try and narrow it down to two particular styles. These styles are usually
when a bride is trying to decide between up down and all up.

Yes, there is a addt'l 4-service minimum, if the bride is just getting their hair or makeup done. If there
is no bride and just bridemaids, there is a 6 service minimum. I require a non-refundable deposit in the amount
of two services to secure the wedding date for the bridesmaid. This deposit is applied towards your
wedding day total. For the bride with just one service, the non-refundable deposit is the amount
of her preview and one service. The deposit is applied towards your preview and the one service
for your wedding day total
When should a Bride/Bridesmaid book an appointment for our hair/makeup?

Do I have to schedule a preview and when?

Why do you suggest to have my preview 4-8 weeks prior to my wedding date?
What if I want to have my preview 8 weeks or more, prior to my wedding date?
Why is a preview so important?
What if I don't know what type of hairstyle or makeup I want on my wedding day?
What type of makeup do you use?
How much versatility do you have, as an artist, when doing hair/makeup for
different ages, ethnicities and personal preferences?

I don't normally wear alot of makeup, but I want to be able to see my makeup in my wedding photos. Would you be able to acheive that look without using alot of makeup?
How long does it typically take for everyone to be ready?
What if I can't decide on a hairstyle?
Is there a minimum requirement and or deposit? .
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